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Meet The Team

Laurie Ravetz

Co-Founder and Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships

After a long career in retail and corporate training, I took time off to be a full-time mom. I had a blast raising my three kids—watching them learn and grow at every phase was thrilling. With my kids out of the house, TIP enables me to work with other young people as they learn to serve their communities. I really enjoy helping teens create unique service projects that are meaningful to them. People say I keep a lot of balls in the air: my kids’ sporting events, cooking, volunteering, entertaining, yoga. I prefer thinking of this occasional madness as repurposing my program development and relationship building skills in new, satisfying and impactful ways.

Cory Schneider

Director of Learning and Impact

I discovered the classroom after a handful of years as an editor at Oxford University Press and pursuing a master’s degree from NYU. Above all, I craved creative, meaningful work. Teaching English and history through a social justice lens revived me. From there, I developed and directed a comprehensive 5-8 service learning program that makes learning about social issues and working to resolve them fun—and impactful. Along the way, I’ve connected with countless nonprofit organizations, both in New York and around both the country and the world. TIP lets me use my experience to serve a much broader swath of young people. After all, fostering kids’ social-emotional growth is as vital as ensuring their academic success.

Shira Nichaman

Co-Founder, Board Member

Managing projects and working with people have been part of my professional career for decades. At Christie’s, I served as Head of Client Service Operations, and as the project manager for blockbuster auctions such as the Collection of Elizabeth Taylor and The Collection of David and Peggy Rockefeller. So, when the opportunity arose to start an organization that would bring together my expertise, working with teens and a commitment to creating a meaningful impact in the community, I could not pass it up. Together, Laurie and I founded Teen Impact Project, with dreams of projects for teens to learn about social justice, community, and leadership. As a part of the day to day operations for the first two years at TIP, we created meaningful experiences for teens, connected with dozens of local organizations, and created a model for community impact projects — learning, planning and doing. Having moved to the Berkshires, my commitment to the community continues as a member of the WeEngage committee of my local synagogue as does my work on projects as the Director of Operations for Jess Cooney Interiors. And most importantly, my support for TIP is never-ending, with input on strategic and long-range planning, goals, management, and all ideas for positive impact.

Amy Yenkin

Board Member

I am deeply committed to social justice. Professionally, I produce social issue documentary photography projects. I am a co-founder and director of We, Women which, leading up to the 2020 election, is creating 20 photo-based community engagement projects in 20 states by women, non-binary, and trans artists. I am also co-producing and editing the book Witnesses To War: The Children of Syria by Bassam Khabieh. Outside of work, I organize a group of abortion clinic escorts and am also on the board of the Jewish Education Project. Although I have worked at the intersection of art and social change for years, I would say that my experience extends to philanthropy, non-profit management, and strategic planning. I was a director at the Open Society Foundation for more than 20 years. I joined as the deputy director of scholarships and later held the positions of associate director of the Open Media Research Institute in Prague, associate director of US Programs, director of the Moving Walls exhibition, and director of the Documentary Photography Project (DPP), a program I founded.


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