Shira introduces Laurie Ravetz
TIP Co-Founder and Director of Programming…

Flashback to 2011: Laurie and I were running our school Book Fair —  Laurie ran all external operations and she was like a magnet, someone who could convince anyone to join in and get involved. For us the Book Fair was a way to create connection in our community, and it felt good to be involved.

Since then, I have come to learn that she is one of the most enthusiastic, committed and creative people I know. I love watching her engage and support her three kids, and be involved in her school and synagogue communities. She is our constant promoter and spokesperson who will talk to anyone who will listen and never fails to turn her audience into immediate supporters. She is always thinking up new ways to engage with our teen volunteers and new groups to collaborate with. She is a programming genius with passion and heart.

It’s been amazing being friends with Laurie since 2011, and we could only dream of starting a meaningful organization together to follow our passions and help others find theirs.


Laurie brings with her fifteen years of sales management and human resources skills.

Laurie introduces Shira Nichaman
TIP Co-Founder and Director of Operations…

Fast forward to 2015: I was stumped trying to find a meaningful service experience for my daughter. Immediately I turned to Shira. I knew that her project management experience at Christie’s would allow her to use her problem solving and technical skills to brainstorm and come up with ideas. I knew she had the caring and determination, resourcefulness and values that would set me on the right path.

What I didn’t know was that Shira was experiencing the same frustration finding a project for her daughter. If her global perspective and creative thinking couldn’t find a project, I knew we were not alone. We both seek to instill life-long values in our kids, and it was really encouraging to discuss potential project ideas together.

My commiseration with Shira turned into an inspiration, a labor of love for both of us. We both want to make a meaningful impact and build a new generation of community leaders, and I wouldn’t want to do that with anyone else.


Shira brings with her thirty years experience in client services, operations and project management.

And TIP was born…

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